About Us

Inspired by highly successful home staging and fabulous eclectic interiors whilst living and training in North America, I finally made my passion my career and founded Home Styling Interiors when I returned to Buckinghamshire. Over the years it has grown and evolved through personal and estate agent referrals working with many clients making houses into homes across both staging and interior design projects.

Home Styling Interiors is all about delivering a dedicated and personal service. Whether it’s sourcing vintage furnishings for an interior design project or staging new build properties for sale with high end schemes, we ensure all our clients receive the full creativity, time and resources that their project needs.

As the owner of the company I attend all the briefing meetings and advise throughout the project to ensure my clients feel confident and benefit from my extensive interiors and staging experience. I love what I do and my passion and dedication ensures that clients get the best out of their homes, whether to sell or live in themselves. Enjoy browsing our site and I look forward to hearing from you. Lorna Clappen